We belive in our values and want transmit

Philosophy: Arts and Company

Our Company and its cultural excellence cases

Corporate innovative processes derive from experimentation among management, arts, communication and well-being. We believe in these values and we really would like to convey them to our people and our products, that’s why Formec Biffi has done cultural accessory projects that support its food vocation. Those involved different structures and entrepreneurial projects with the aim of pushing creativity and new mechanisms for our company

  • BIFFI ARTE: Our art gallery that develops cultural excellence in accordance with corporate heritage
  • CORTE BIFFI: It is a place of active conviviality that allows us to spread and share information
  • BIFFI GUSTO: This is a “window” stimulating research and comparison with world food excellences
  • BIFFI VITA: Since well-being is the base for corporate success
  • ACCADEMIA BIFFI:Our committment to spread food knowledge
  • PARCO BIFFI:A natural park next to man’s work

An exhibition gallery for cultural promotion

Biffi Arte gallery is part of Formec Biffi and according to our corporate heritage, it develops examples of cultural excellence. This exhibition place has made the restored halls shining again in Palazzo Marazzani Visconti in Piacenza; it is arranged on two floors for over 400 square meters: paint, sculpture, photography together with concerts and conferences go on according to a calendar that is full of events. The willingness on which this initiative is based is that companies may have a fundamental role to promote and spread culture. In a time where conflict seems to be the main strength for success, the aim of our entrepreneurial project is not money but effective and continuous commitment to cultural innovation.

Find out the next events on www.biffiarte.it

A place to share together

Thanks to our ancient historic trasure, Formec Biffi has been oriented towards food quality and well being for over 50 years, and has concentrated on those values together with the cultural sharing of meals. In the ancient times, the art to live had many followers and banquets was a topic moment, it was more than a simple, even if refined, meal; on the contrary it was a place to be together and to share everyday moments and gestures. Taking inspiration from these principles, Formec Biffi has opened Corte Biffi and dedicated big shiny rooms, deep in a calm and reserved atmosphere, to conviviality of the companies: an ideal place for meetings and important events.

Find out on www.cortebiffi.it

A window for research and debate

Biffi Gusto is the right place to discover our wide range of Biffi and Gaia products together with a wide choice of national and international specialties. A real window of taste, open to the public, that encourages research and comparison with the word food excellences. The sales persons propose a customer experience dedicated to taste, so as the customer can be more aware about the items to choose, by providing information and right tools to understand the production processes and the history hidden behind each product.

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One of the standard features of Formec Biffi history, apart from passion for quality and creativity, is the people value. People’s well being is a fundamental aspect for a successfull company, especially when mixed with team spirit and sense of collective belonging. This philosophy has found a real expression in our sports centre Biffi Vita. It is located inside our company park and dedicated to the employees and their families: it is equipped with a fitness gym and football ground for nice matches between workers and their friends. Relaxing and socializing are added values that the company wants to offer to its staff, according to an ethic vision that cares of environmental values.

Get to know food and learn how to cook them

Thanks to this project Formec Biffi is committed to convey the knowledge about food products since food is the main element to survive. Accademia Biffi offers several courses for beginners or amateurs. These lessons are aimed at offer to a wide audience many different topics, with the possibility of attending lessons even without being an expert chef. An easy and amusing way of improving cooking skills and get to know what we eat, being aware that the market sensitivity towards social, environmental and economic responsibility is increasing as well as food safety consciousness.

A natural park next to men’s work

The headquarters and the production area are dee pinto an amusing park of 18 hectares, with the typical Lombardy plain. The great care for this park is a symbol of mutual relationship between company and society, and example of dynamism for the place it is located in. The park is a permanent exhibition of open air installations and contemporary sculptures explaining our corporate philosophy; each of them is a specific declination of this philosophy: history, beauty, passion for work, innovation and technology. The little lake in the middle of the park is the house of many water bird spices apart from those who stay there during migration. A real show for bird-watching lovers. Apart from birds, it is a favourable environment for squirrels, Tibetan goats, badgers, porcupines and hares. This park is open to the public, especially it is freely available for school groups through appointment is the free access areas.