From 15 February to 28 April, Biffi Arte, thanks to the collaboration of the ‘Antonio Ligabue Archive Foundation in Parma’, will have the honor of hosting the Antonio Ligabue Exhibition. It presents 82 works – 59 paintings and 23 bronze sculptures, an exemplary excursus on all three main periods in which the artistic production of Ligabue has been divided: from domestic animals of the early period (mountain pasture, oil on plywood, 56 cm × 69) to tigers with open jaws, (Tiger’s head, oil on hardboard, 66.4 × 57.4 cm) felines in attack (Black Widow, oil on hardboard, 102 × 134 cm, Leopard shedding a monkey, oil on hardboard, 110 × 124 cm), snakes, birds of prey that seize the prey or fight for survival (Fox with raptor, oil on canvas, 120 × 150 cm) of the second and third period: a real jungle that the artist imagines with hallucinatory fantasy in the Po woods.

Inauguration | Thursday 14 February at 18

The exhibition will be presented by Marzio Dall’Acqua and Vittorio Sgarbi Find out more on

Some of the works of Antonio Ligabue, on show in Galleria Biffi Arte from February 14th to April 18th 2019